No portfolio here

Since I've always been "Enterprise" there's no street-facing art to show. But here's some playlearn webs I've glommed to the free clouds.

Big screen

  • App Engine Static Playbox
    Playing on Google Cloud, using the GAE Python project type, which is handy for serving static files for basic web sites. Messing with Javascript and web tools like Material Design Light.

Little screen

Mobile webapps is what I call 'em. You might call them something else. Go easy on me.

  • Behold the Tartanator
    Mobile web app from Head First Mobile Web. Lookout, I think it's got some PHP in there.

  • Simple Compass Mobile HTML5 Compass - just one html file, with jQuery. My own version. Here's another compass using a graphic.

  • Seven Summits with tiny Compasses
    Seven Summits web mobi-app. I nudged the pointers around to be more intuitive than in the original demo.
    Make sure it's via https and you "Allow Location Access" spying in your desktop.

  • And - the horror! Watz This , another silly Mobile web project from an online ed2go class.

TODO: Restore my Mongodb and Couchdb apps, gakked by service abandonments. Life on the free tier.